Verifield RiskReporter

Notifications on risks and dangerous situations arrive on paper, by phone, via email, as photos, etc. As a result, they are more difficult to process and manage. With Verifield RiskReporter, you have a handy module to bring all notifications from the RiskReporter together in one place. Perfect for smooth, problem-free follow-up. A powerful tool for a genuinely structured approach. 

Manage your risks: from notification to report


Integration app with tool

All information from the app, including photos and information about the location, degree of risk and seriousness is directly integrated in Verifield RiskReporter.

Save time and gain insight

All notifications are automatically integrated into the module. 

You’ll quickly have insights into which type of notifications are most frequent. This enables you to start a targeted awareness campaign.


You are given a handy action list with an overview of open tasks. 

You probably recognise the situation: you don’t have the super-human powers that allow you to be everywhere at once and perceive all the irregularities. The good news is... you no longer need them. You can count on your colleagues to report unsafe situations to you in a handy, complete and uniform way via the app. This way, you always know exactly what’s happening. 

All notifications are entered and processed uniformly, with Verfield RiskReporter you manage them dynamically. You assign actions to every notification, follow-up and respond in a structured way. The dashboard gives you a clear overview of current irregularities and all the related tasks and actions.

In the Verifield RiskReporter, you have basic reports, such as reports per category, risk levels and a list of open actions.

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Uniform notifications
Automatic notifications
Assign actions
Clear dashboard
Basic reports
Automatic reminders
Assign & follow up tasks
Define locations
Extended reporting
Customized reports (optional)

Verifield RiskReporter in images

Integration into Verifield

All notifications via the RiskReporter app are integrated in Verifield and automatically assigned to the manager/managers. They receive an e-mail notification and see the RiskReporter items on their dashboard.

Viewing details of the reported risk

From the dashboard or the mail the assigned manager can go directly to the detailed description of the risk

Create tasks to counter reported risk

The manager can add tasks and assign them in order to reduce the risk(s) and prevent it from happening again. The assignee will receive a mail and also see the task on his dashboard.

Overview of all tasks and their status

Per RiskReporter item the manager gets an overview of all tasks associated to this risk and their status


Report on all RiskReporter notifications

The manager gets an overview of all reported risks per category and per risk level