Verifield LegalRegister

Tangled up in the jungle of safety and environmental laws? Not enough time to screen the extensive legislation, to decide what is applicable for your organisation and to check it? With Verifield LegalRegister you have an up-to-date legal register tailored to your organisation, accessible where and when you want. You’ll be on top of the situation at all times!

No time lost in getting up-to-date. Our team of legal experts follows up legislation

Every day our team of legal experts interprets every change in legislation. In collaboration with you, we define your legal register. Whether your domain is safety or environment we provide you with the relevant legislation, summaries of new legislation and all relevant changes.

Your customised up-to-date register functions as support in the event of inspections and audits. Legally required checks for conformity are faster and clearer.

Link every legal text you’ve checked to action points and any physical proof (plans, checklists, etc.). From your register, you’re easily able to see which legal texts have undergone changes and need to be checked again.

Verifield LegalRegister is of inestimable value for your first steps towards OHSAS-18001/ISO-45001, ISO-9001, ISO-14001, EMAS or ISO-50001 certification. In just one click, you show that you have an up-to-date register and that you have already started performing the actions required for conformity. You have a dashboard with a handy overview that shows this conformity, categorised by location and/or domain.


Tangible ROI

Cut the amount of time you spend following up on the law! You’ll spend less time searching through the pages of the Belgisch Staatsblad/Moniteur Belge and your administration will be automated. So you’ll have more time keeping things running on the work floor.

Peace of mind

You are certain that you will always be able to produce a correct and updated legal register in the event of an inspection. 



A must for certification!

Verifield LegalRegister is essential for achieving or maintaining the OHSAS-18001/ISO-45001, ISO-9001, ISO-14001, EMAS or ISO-50001 certification. You always have an overview of the conformity per domain and per location.

Customised register

A register that is always up-to-date. This also serves as support during inspections and audits.

In collaboration with you we define which existing and future legislation we include in your register.


Changes in legislation that may affect you (based on your profile) appear immediately in your register. New laws that may relate to your companies' activities are automatically presented to you. You make your own choice whether or not to add them.


Practically directed

More than 25 legal experts translate laws into practice on a daily basis. This means you’ll never miss any relevant legislation or updates.


Find out how this module supports you in the follow-up of legislation on safety and environment. 

Setup at your site
Define your register per domain
Only relevant legislation
Automatic updates
E-alerts for new legislation
Clear summaries of changed legislation
Your register is always up-to-date
Clear dashboard
Clear conformity status per location
Assign actions
Attach documents

Verifield LegalRegister in images


The LegalRegister dashboard gives you an immediate visual indication of your compliance level per legislation package that we tailor to your companies activities. Per package you get an indication of the number of changed legislations and legislations coming into force. We also propose new legislations that match your companies criteria and that you can easily add to your legal register.

Legislation packages

Within the legislation package you can access the full text of a law. The most important changes in the legislation are summarized in an article. Each legislation package has a visual indication of the compliance status and can be exported for reporting purposes.  

Setting compliancy per law

Per legislation you can set your compliance status per location. Each legislation has a visual indication of the compliance status over the different locations. You can add your comments per legislation and per location and set your priorities in order to filter out those laws that you want to address with a higher priority.

Add tasks to follow-up compliance activities

Per legislation and for each location you can add and assign tasks to someone within your organization.  This allows you to have an overview for each legislation of which tasks need to be completed by a certain deadline and to whom they are assigned. You will have an overview of all activities that are needed to be and remain compliant with a specific legislation. 

Managing permissions

Per legislation package you can add the locations for which you want the legislation package to be tracked. Per location you can indicate which users will be able to set compliance, remove laws from compliance tracking or select new proposed laws.