Verifield AuditManager

Have you had enough of maintaining and sending out endless checklists, and of the cumbersome allocation of actions per email? Verifield AuditManager assists you with the management of your audits. Using targeted questions and checklists, you see whether your company complies with the legislation and procedures for safety and environment. You can also seamlessly integrate your own questions and checklists in the tool. You’ll always know what the next steps are and which actions are needed to correctly apply legislation and procedures.

Managing your audits: from creation to follow-up and reporting


Check, know, follow up

We have created questions for each and every article of safety and environmental legislation so you and your team can quickly verify how compliant your company is. You can also add your own checklists to all safety and environmental procedures. The tool leads you through the process.


Your whole audit process is contained in one automatic system. In every phase, you have a perfect overview, even if you work with different sites, departments or line managers. 



Fewer errors, more time

All staff members exchange information in one central software programme via the cloud. The result: you make fewer errors and the follow-up flows more smoothly.




As well as the information you enter into Verifield AuditManager at your workplace, your questions and checks are also available on your iPad tablet (only iOS). Any information you enter is immediately incorporated into the software.



Checking is knowing. Audits are an excellent source of information, especially if you approach them intelligently with Verifield AuditManager. You’ll effortlessly find out how many actions result from a check. With one click, you’ll see whether your compliancy has improved compared to previous years.


Do you need in-depth information about compliancy? Take a structured approach to analysing, bundling and comparing answers with Verifield AuditManager. You can pull out reports, conclusions and action points as good as automatically.



By responding to questions and running through checklists, you’ll know for yourself whether you’re compliant with safety and environmental legislation in Belgium, or with the procedures for a safe and environmentally friendly workplace. You can even upload your own questions and checklists into the tool.

How does it work? You select audit questions, publish your chosen list and receive an email with a link where you can run the audit. You’re even able to assign audits to different people working in different departments or divisions. On the portal site, all ‘auditors’ see what has been assigned to them. They fill in these audits, report any corrective actions and send you back the information. The tool processes the information, lets you know where the bottlenecks are, and guides you through the adjustments and actions. Use it on a small or large scale

Would you like to convince your managers to take action? Would you like to quickly evolve from problem points to action points? With Verifield AuditManager, you draft summarised reports full of convincing evidence.