Verifield ActionManager

Are your reports spread across different .xls files or floating about randomly in Outlook? Would a clear overview make life easier? With Verifield ActionManager, you bring all reports, projects and tasks together in one place. It’s easy to follow them up. Above all, you have automatic integration of the notifications via the RiskReporter app, as well as advanced reporting.

Manage your action workflow



Monitor the whole process from task assignment to solution.







  • You have excellent insight into which types of notifications appear most frequently. As a result, you can target awareness and make adequate safety actions. 
  • Plus, you can create FAQ sheets with the answers to your colleagues’ questions. This saves you valuable time in responding to similar queries in the future. 

Extended reporting

Extensive reporting possibilities: not just reports by category, level of risk and open actions, but also reports on projects, meetings, tasks, etc.





Verifield ActionManager offers a central overview of actions and tasks relating to safety and environment. You know which projects, tasks and action plans are open, what their priorities are, when they need to be completed and who is responsible for them. This means you’re always on top of the situation. 

The dashboard gives you a clear overview of ongoing irregularities and tasks. You assign actions and follow them up.  

With the action list, you make structured responses to notifications. You receive alerts, send automatic reminders and follow up tasks, projects and meetings. Where necessary, you can link to internet sites, PDF and Excel files, technical drawings, etc. 

Manage every step independently while you maintain an overview of the entire process. 

You have access to the widest range of reporting possibilities: it’s simple to create reports on events by category, risk level, open actions or location/department, as well as reporting on projects, meetings, tasks, etc.

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Always a solution tailored to your needs and your budget.

Uniform risk reports
Automatic notifications
Assign actions
Clear dashboard
Basic reports
Automatic reminders
Assign & follow up tasks
Define locations
Extended reporting
Customized reports (optional)

Verifield ActionManager in images

Create different kind of items

Each user can start a task, project, meeting summary, question or complaint from the create menu

Add important documents and links

The user can add important links, document, photos and other attacments

Set reminders on an item

A reminder can be send to a user to point out a specific task. These reminders can be automatically repeated on a daily, weekly, monthly shedule.


On his dashboard every user can see all his owned, assigned and watched items

Reports on all items and their status

Reports can be made to get an overview of all tasks, projects, meeting summaries, questions & complaints