Step 1

Download the app for Android or Apple 

Start by downloading the RiskReporter app from Google Play or the App Store.

Step 2

Configure the app

Set-up the app manually and enter an e-mail address of your choice.

Or even better: ask your colleagues to scan the company QR code (see Step 3) and the app will automatically be configured. This assures you of greater consistency:
- Everyone at your company will work with the same settings.
- All reports will be sent to the appropriate inbox.

 Everyone can keep you informed of any dangerous situations with structured, detailed reports that they complete in just a few seconds! Exactly what you need in your quest for complete workplace safety.

Step 3

Prepare awareness materials for your company

Of course, this will only happen if your colleagues are aware of the RiskReporter app. Just fill in your email address and company name. You’ll then be able to download:

 a company QR code.

-  a group email to send to your colleagues, complete with the QR code for speedy set-up.

-  posters with your QR code. They highlight just how easy it is to report dangers. At the same time, the posters also encourage your colleagues to keep their eyes open for any potential hazards.

All it takes is one single scan to have everyone working together towards a safe workplace!